The scenario

In Nepal, most of the important information is locked or their availability is fragmented and heterogeneous. Systematic archival of data is not available via a single-window, and when it is, drawing useful information from it is challenging.

The current initiatives, unable to engage a big majority of stakeholders, have shown limited success. The mass, which is meant to be benefited from such initiatives, has remained isolated from public knowledge and potential benefits that it could bring along.

Introducing db2map

Db2map or database-to-map is an initiative of Digital Data System for Development. Through Db2map platform, we are developing a digital infrastructure to democratize information. Our platform is integrating multiple sources of data and information that includes government statistical data, authentic open data, including spatial data, scientific output data, ancillary and field level data and crowd-sourced data.

For whom ?

Are you a journalist, researcher, part of a social group or a civil society, or an information enthusiast who faces obstacles in their work due to lack of access to information and the right analytical and communication tools.

Congratulations! You have found just the right place.